Mer Neith Collection - Brand Journey & Personal Story

 Mer Neith Collection. MNC.  Make New Change 

Mer Neith Collection are connoisseurs in the luxury timepieces and goods space founded in the United Kingdom. Born and bred in London the legacy one leaves behind in such a city in the decision to build something great, can positively influence others to also pursue their dreams. We used the same vision and inspiration to set up Mer Neith Collection, to provide high quality and uniquely crafted wristwatches to suit all fashion senses for style, luxury and class no matter the occasion.


Birthing the Brand 

For us, it has always been more than selling luxury  timepieces that meet the eye. Circumstance can be a great call for change and this led our desire to introduce a product line to create a self-dependable foundation and build a long lasting brand in wristwatch and now luxury goods space. Although time has a cost, inspiration is priceless and our brand ethos to inspire and ‘Make New Change.’ is a the forefront of what we believe and do.


Our Customer Relationships

There’s always room for improvement and when our customers demand more, we always aim to deliver. We understand the importance of customer relationships. Every image, feedback and thought tells a story. This is reflected on our review pages across the platforms.  We continue to develop relationships, gain positive and genuine feedback since our launch. The introduction of our VIP members platform offers customers insight into our news and exclusive discounts on our product offering. One thing worth noting is that we are shortly going to be introducing women’s timepiece line and growing the portfolio of products. Watch this space!


Making it personal

 We ship anywhere and everywhere from the UK using some of the world’s most efficient and international courier services.  I have even made personal deliveries to customers who even live within my region just to try and take that extra step and show that we truly value them.

I think this is a big advantage because I get to meet my customers and truly see their reaction face-to-face. It’s a feeling express shipping doesn’t give you as a business owner, just being able to say thanks to someone who has purchased from you, it is often overlooked.